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Strength and flexibility—
We utilize the characteristics of each material to manufacture products that turn customer requirements into reality.

We supply products for a wide range of applications for automobiles, especially tire-balancing weights and sintered parts.
Our main products in this area are tire-balancing weights, which are manufactured from zinc and lead. They are sold in Japan and overseas and used in automobile production lines and at repair shops.
As part of our environmental commitment, we collect used weights free of charge for recycling.
Our powder metallurgy products are used in a variety of products, including automobile parts, office automation equipment, industrial machinery and finance-related equipment. We adjust the materials and production processes according to the use and the required form and characteristics.

Main Products

  • Balance weights
  • Powder metallurgy products
  • Molds, etc.

Machine Parts Business Department

Zip code: 379-0197
Address: 143 Nakajuku, Annaka-shi, Gunma
TEL: +81-27-382-8230 or +81-27-382-8232
FAX: +81-27-381-4703

Production Bases

Zhucheng Huari Powder Metallurgy Products Co., Ltd. (Zhucheng, China)

Balance weights

Zhucheng Huari Powder Metallurgy Products Co., Ltd.
(Zhucheng, China)

Annaka Smelter and Refinery.

Powder metallurgy products

Annaka Smelter and Refinery.

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