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We manufacture our powder metallurgy products using the most suitable processes according to the use, form and required characteristics.
Moreover, the same as with usual fused products, we offer various kinds of post processing, of which you may choose different combinations.
That is why our powder metallurgy products are used to meet a very wide range of needs, including in automobile parts, industrial machinery, office automation equipment, and finance-related equipment.
We also handle the design, production, and sale of molds.

Powder Metallurgy Products

We manufacture and sell diverse products ranging from complexly shaped ferrous and stainless steel (SUS) machinery parts to ferrous and copper bearings.
We also make cut prototypes out of blocks of sintered material. Ask us how we can cut your cost with parts sintering.

  Class Standard Material
Material Ferrous SMF1 Pure iron
SMF2 Iron-copper
SMF3 Iron-carbon
SMF4 Iron-carbon-copper
SMF5 Iron-carbon-copper-Ni
Bronze SBK1 Iron-tin
SUS SUS304L Austenite stainless steel
SUS410L Ferrite stainless steel
Other   Ask us about special materials
  • General sintered partsGeneral sintered parts
  • High-strength partsHigh-strength parts
  • Copper bearingsCopper bearings
  • Sintered stainless steelSintered stainless steel
  • Helical gearsHelical gears
  • Assembly partsAssembly parts
  • Ultra-small gearsUltra-small gears
  • Magnetic materialsMagnetic materials


Sintered parts molds
Sintered parts molds

At our mold factory, we leverage expertise to manufacture and sell molds for sintered parts.
We also make design drawings using CAD and undertake the production of prototypes. Ask us about these services.

Manufacturing Process for Powder Metallurgy Processes

Manufacturing Process for Powder Metallurgy Processes Combination / mixing Molding Sintering Post processing Heat processing/surface processing Anti-corrosion oil ASSY Inspection/shipping oil

Main Equipment

  • Precursor powder mixerPrecursor powder mixer
  • Press moldingPress molding
  • Sintering furnaceSintering furnace

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