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We use a technique that is unique in the world to produce recycled zinc oxide from electric furnace dust.

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This zinc oxide manufacturing process produces zinc oxide through a direct method using electric furnace dust as the main raw material. The characteristic feature is that the commercial product is manufactured directly. We promote material recycling from "urban mines" as a bridge between electric furnace manufacturers and zinc oxide users. Our Onahama Smelter and Refinery prides itself on having an earth-friendly environmental preservation process that makes optimal use of non-ferrous smelting technology. We will continue to make improvements with the aim of improving product quality.

Zinc Oxide

Zinc Oxide

The Onahama Smelter and Refinery produces zinc oxide from electric furnace dust and other materials using the direct method (American method). Marketed as Ginrei R, it is mainly used in rubber, which is the main constituent of tires.

Compositional Standards

  TOHO ZINC standards JIS K1410 standards
Direct method
(American method)
Class 3 Class 1 Class 2 Class 3
Appearance - White White -
Loss on drying 0.3 or less 0.3 or less 0.3 or less 0.3 or less
Purity 99.0 or more 99.5 or more 99.5 or more 99.0 or more
Water-soluble matter 0.5 or less 0.1 or less 0.1 or less 0.5 or less
Pb (%) 0.20 or less 0.005 or less 0.03 or less 0.3 or less
Cd (%) 0.004 or less 0.002 or less 0.01 or less 0.1 or less
Residue on sieve (%) 0.1 or less 0.1 or less 0.1 or less 0.1 or less
TOHO ZINC brand Ginrei R      


  • Rubbers
  • Ceramics
  • Paints
  • Glass
  • Pigments


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