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As of June 28, 2018


President Kimiyasu Marusaki Zinc and Lead Business Division
Director and Executive 
Vice President
Tsutomu Imai Technical and Development Division
Director and Managing 
Executive Officer
Masaaki Yamagishi Administration Division
(Treasury, and Information System)
Director Masatoshi Muto Audit & Supervisory Committee Member
(Outside Director)
Director Minoru Tada Audit & Supervisory Committee Member
(Outside Director)
Director Toshio Otoba Audit & Supervisory Committee Member

Executive Officers

Managing Executive Officer Takero Akiyama Annaka Smelter and Refinery, and Machine Parts Business Department
Managing Executive Officer Yoshimi Tajima Onahama Smelter and Refinery, and Environment and Recycling Business Department
Managing Executive Officer Toshio Shimamura Mineral Resources Business Department, and CBH Resources Ltd. CEO
Managing Executive Officer Masahito Ito Electronic Compornents Business Division, and Fujioka Works
Executive Officer Hiroshi Ookubo General Affairs Division (General Affairs, and Personnel), and CSR Promotion Office
Executive Officer Shigeru Iizuka Chigirishima Smelter and Refinery
Executive Officer Hideki Nakagawa Mineral Resources Business Department, and Procurement Control Department

Organizational Structure

As of June 29, 2017

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