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Electrolytic Lead

Product: Electrolytic Lead
Component: Pb ≧ 99.99%
Weight: 50 kg, 25 kg
Use: Storage batteries, chemicals, cable sheath, solders, lead tubes, lead sheets etc.
Electrolytic Lead

Lead Alloy

Product: Lead Alloy
Component: Pb ≧ 95%
Sb, Ca, Su Additives
Weight: 25 kg
Use: Storage batteries
Lead Alloy

Electrolytic Silver

Product: Electrolytic Silver
Component: Ag ≧ 99.99%
Weight: 30 kg
Use: Solders, electric contact materials, photography
Electrolytic Silver

Electrolytic Bismuth

Product: Electrolytic Bismuth
Component: Bi ≧ 99.99%
Weight: 20 kg
Use: Matallurgical additives, low melting point alloys, catalyzers
Electrolytic Bismuth

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