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Offering excellent quality and productivity, TOHO ZINC, as the leading zinc producer, will continue to play a key role in facilitating an enriched society.

Of all the non-ferrous metals, zinc has been a special focus of TOHO ZINC since the Company's founding in 1937. Zinc products play a key role in the achievement and maintenance of high living standards, and TOHO ZINC contributes to society by manufacturing such products. As an integrated manufacturer involved in all stages from mine development to metal smelting and refining, TOHO ZINC is a reliable supplier of zinc products and has earned a 20% share of the Japanese market.
Our main production facility is the Annaka Smelter and Refinery, where we use the most advanced tank-house in Japan to supply customers with high-quality zinc products.
As a leading zinc manufacturer, we will maintain our focus on environmentally friendly manufacturing.

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