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President MARUSAKI Kimiyasu

The Toho Zinc Group celebrated the 80th anniversary of its founding in February 2017.

We established the Annaka Smelter and Refinery in 1937, soon followed by the Chigirishima Smelter and Refinery, Onahama Smelter and Refinery, and Fujioka Works, having now grown into a company with 20 percent of the domestic market share for zinc production, the domestic leader in lead production, and one of the leading domestic producers of silver.

In 2010 we acquired Australian mining company CBH Resources Ltd. as a wholly owned subsidiary, greatly increasing our self-sufficiency for zinc and lead ore. This acquisition has established a medium- to long-term foundation for global expansion in the mining business and domestic expansion in the refinement business, and we believe has laid the cornerstone for sustainable development on the part of the Toho Zinc Group.

To meet the expectation placed on us by our shareholders and other stakeholders, we at the Toho Zinc Group work for further raise our corporate value through diligently pursuing policies in the four core business areas of smelting and refining, mineral resources, environment and recycling, and electronic components, as described below.

In the smelting and refining business, we will increase our international competitiveness by taking advantage of our superior ratio of Group-owned mines, while also striving for greater efficiency.

In the mineral resources business, we will pursue proactive pursuit of development rooted in CBH Resources Ltd., and contribute growth strategies for the Group.

In the environment and recycling business and the electronic components business as diversified divisions, we will strive for expanded profits through new product development and marketing.

Additionally, we at the Toho Zinc Group will exert every effort to actively meet customer needs, increase quality, and maintain stable supply of products. In addition to increasing our corporate value through development of human resources, we are committed to actively fulfill our social responsibilities on all fronts. We will create conducive work environments for employees, pursue environmental conservation, promote a recycling-oriented society, and implement social contribution programs.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding in all that we do.


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